The Klein Cutlery Product Feed is available below. The feed contains downloadable data related to the Klein Cutlery catalog of products. This file is intended to populate distributor E-Commerce websites and 3rd party feeds. The downloadable zip file contains a data file of product information as well as a directory of all product images in JPG format. This product information is updated daily and contains the following:

  • Product Number
  • Catalog Number
  • Category
  • Image/Video Links
  • Brochure/Instructions/MSDS Links
  • Features
  • Warnings
  • Attributes

To view this file in Microsoft Excel, follow the instructions below:

  • Download the zip file to your desktop.
  • Copy the .txt file, found in the KleinCutlery folder, to your desktop.
  • Open the .txt file in Excel.
    • Highlight column "A", by clicking the header.
    • Choose "Text to Columns" under the "Data" tab.
    • In the wizard:
      • Choose "Delimited", and click "Next".
      • Choose "Other", and enter the pipe symbol "|" located above the Enter key.
      • Choose "{none}" for the "Text qualifier" option.
      • Choose "Finish".

Download file